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Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

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When something goes wrong with your garbage disposal, it can be an absolute nightmare! It's smelly and interrupts the day. Plus fiddling with one is even a bit scary - though our specialists offer swift solutions no matter what problem you're having at hand happens to come up first thing in the morning or later on during any given evening hours (or anytime for that matter).When it comes to saving time and the kitchen cleanup process, garbage disposals are perfect for the job. If you are thinking about installing a new garbage disposal for your Indianapolis home, or is your current garbage disposal giving you problems? No matter what situation , you’re in the right place!  IndyWaterHeater Pros, the hometown team that offers complete disposal services to homeowners.

Give Indy Water Heater Pros a call If your Garbage Disposal has any of these symptoms

  • The blades of your disposal are jammed

  • There is a clog in the disposal

  • The disposal is experiencing electrical issues

  • There are strange or loud noises coming from the disposal

If you are experiancing any of these issues there are few things you can try!!!

If your Garbage Disposal is Humming;  Try the Allen Wrench Tooll that came with the Disposal. Insert the tool on the bottom underside of the disposal and turn it a few times.

If there is no power to the Garbage Disposal on some models there is a red reset button that you can push.  

If none of these thigs work give the Indy Water Heater Pros a call at 317 735-8880

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