• Bill Rollison

Garbage disposal jammed

If you've got a clogged or jammed garbage disposal, this is the only guide you'll need. It's packed with step-by-step instructions on how to fix it fast and easy.

If your garabage disposal is jammed, it can be very frustrating.

If you hear something clanging around in there then there is obviously something in there.

1. Make sure the power is off. There should be a breaker for it in your main electrical panel switch that to off.

2 Sometimes you can pull the rubber/plastic piece that you see when you are looking into

your disposal from the the sink. Pull that out if you can.

3. Get a flashlight and look too see if you can see anything. If so grab a disposable glove and get whatever you see in there out.

4 Now grab that allen wrench that came with your disposal. There will be slot/hole for that in the middle of underneath the disposal now insert it and turn it. If it turns freely you should be good. If its stuck you may need to put some try it a little harder.

5 If there is no power or nothing is happening when turn on the disposal. Check the breaker on the panel and there is also a red reset button on the underside of the disposal.

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